Lee Marshall & Alex Strachan

4th May - 14th June 2014

Footfall Art is delighted to present Lee Marshall & Alex Strachan.

Prompt for Positions. Lee Marshall & Alex Strachan. 2014.

Acrylic, Spray Paint, Perspex, Wooden Dowel, Nylon Cord, Canvas, and MDF.


For Footfall Art, Lee Marshall and Alex Strachan have collaborated to create suspended platforms” which combine painting and sculpture. The four jointly created pieces on display in the Footfall Art window space encompass aspects of the artists’ individual practices, employing forms and colour palettes recognisable in each of their works. The supports themselves have been formed in such a way so as to complement the paintings and objects placed on them, entering the existing artworks into a new dialogue with one another as well as their new context, while also reflecting both Marshall and Strachan’s interests in collage and modes of display.

Lee Marshall’s paintings sample imagery from various media and art historical sources, which is then reconfigured into new compositions in an ongoing investigation into the symbolic and suggestive properties of images and at what point a painting crosses the threshold from abstraction into representation and vice versa. Born in 1986 in Cambridge,  Lee lives and works in London. He studied at Norwich School of Art & Design. Solo exhibitions include: Salutations!, Outpost Gallery, Norwich, 2009. Group Exhibitions include: This Glitch, Blyth Gallery, Imperial College, London, 2013; SATELIKE, Departure Foundation, London, 2013; Cosmo’s Levels, The Sunday Painter, London, 2013; A Thing is a Thing is a Thing a Thing, The Minories Galleries, Colchester, 2012.

Alex Strachan’s sculptures bring into question the superficiality of the art-object, taking on functional forms which playfully demonstrate their means of production, whilst carrying a sense of both the familiar and the theatrical. Born 1985 in Cape Town, South Africa,  she lives and works in London, and Studied at the Royal College of Art, London. Selected exhibitions include: System of Objects, The Departure Foundation, London, 2012; Plot, Galleries Goldstein, London, 2012; The Thing In-Between, Changing-Spaces, Cambridge, 2012; Divine Party Time, Inland Gallery, London, 2012; Municipality, Bethnal Green Library, London, 2011.

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